Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking about work.

I really often wonder what exactly it is I do for a living. Every day, I am very busy. I have meetings, work, meetings, work, and meetings. But what do I do? I do spend several hours every day doing college work, but it doesn't fill most of my time.
When I think about it, all I do is ask my husband to do stuff. I go to all the meetings and learn what the work is, and I estimate hours. But, do I actually do any work?? Am I needed or can Damien do this himself? Am I really just his manager?
Is having a manager something needed for Second Life content creators? Although he does all the work that can be seen, I always feel that I'm busier than he is. If we were to work at another company, would I be able to sell us as a team, with me as his manager? I doubt it.
Maybe my job is just "nag". ;)

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Damien said...

I spoke to Washu about this in RL after she mentioned this blog and I'll post my answer here too.

Washu, you are a very important part of our team (you and I), when it comes to making stuff in SL I have it down - but I am not good when it comes to talking to the clients - I'd rather just get the details and get on with it.

Without you to manage my projects and help me organise my schedule I would be freaking lost - I'd totally call you my manager!

(You know, apart from being an awesome wifey too <3 )