Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too much on my plate!

I haven't updated in a while, I know! And to anyone interested, I will let you know that it's because I have been extremely busy! And I have to say I love it. I think I go crazy when I have nothing to do. :)

There have been many progresses to the island me and Damien were working on. I was so busy that I couldn't even write a proper post about it. Yes... I copy and pasted the press release! It's been a bit crazy from the start.
After trying to buy an island from someone, and not getting it by the time we wanted to start building everything in our head, we went and just bought an island. It was only $1k, right? A lot better than the previous price. Damien quickly went to work, building everything he was thinking, finally putting it out in the world. Then, only a few weeks later....
We were offered a class 4 sim at a super cheap price! Yes that's right, they still exist. And they are still only $195 a month. We could NOT pass it up. We paid a few hundred for it, and then realized we were stuck with 2 extra sims, and no income from either. Oops!
This purchase was right after a big lay off at Damien's work. We figured we better get to doing something with them. We transferred all the work on the Class 4 sim, both now named Loco Pocos. Oh... I guess that might confuse shoppers down the road....
Well, we figured we would sell the other sim.
My co-owner of Hairspray, who is moving out in September (So she says?), wanted to purchase her own sim. So I figure I would offer it to her in lieu of what I would owe her. I have to pay her for her half of Hairspray when she moves out, so I would owe her $850 (Half of the old sim price). She refuses to take my $1000 sim! Says that it's too good to be true and she'd rather buy one the regular way later. WHAT! Okay, thanks. :P So I'm stuck with it.
Luckily we got someone to rent the sim for a couple months. \o/ So we got back to building Loco Pocos. It all quickly blossomed day after day. Me and Damien often took walks or sat outside to talk and talk about it, and ideas would form so nicely. But with all this time and money spent on it was all still daunting. We had no idea how it would take. Would anyone like it? Would we be criticized? Would anyone even KNOW about it??
Luckily I had the greatest help getting the word out, and help in general with accommodating the sim for players. I'd like to give a thanks to my three biggest helpers. Jun Kuroda, Gabby Panacek, and Sasy Scarborough.
Jun, with your help I was able to get thru the stress of opening a new sim. You always gave me an honest opinion, and I could confide anything with you. Even when I was being completely stupid and ridiculous, you just gave me a hug and told me that it would be okay. Thank you. :)
Gabby, the moment me and Damien said we didn't know how to advertise Loco Pocos, you were on it! You were completely pressed for time, but you wrote out a press release for us. That's something we could *never* do on our own. You really opened the door for us.
Sasy, you have a nose for finding interesting things, and I thank you for coming to see Loco Pocos. And thank you for listening to our tour... I thought you were completely bored! But, amazingly, you both made a wonderful video, AND you gave personal tours to every big blogger you knew. You went above and beyond and we have only known each other a few weeks. :)
So now Loco Pocos is out there. We are still new owners, very nervous about our product. Thanks again to everyone!

In the middle of the build for Loco Pocos, I have also been working on.... Hair Fair!! This is my first year on the committee, and I immediately took on a huge role. WTF am I doing, I have no experience with this! :P
I am having fun. I am in charge of all building work, and I seem to have fallen into a big role as the "go to" person. I am hosting our communication site, managing many of the people, and coordinating many events that are outside my role. Maybe I am just a greedy, controlling woman. :D
I hope to make the Hair Fair an extraordinary event this year, that everyone will remember. And if you know me, I will be spamming you with stuff about Hair Fair. Sorry, I can't help it. And yes, my own hair store, Mirada, will be setting up a booth at the fair as well. :) August 22! Mark your calenders.

All of this, along with being a full time student, and having a part time job, I am feeling super super overwhelmed! Most days I feel like I need an extra pair of hands around to help me with stuff. Well, I'll get thru it. :) But I am confused. With all this work, should I have at least *some* money in my bank account??? :P
<3 I will update everything again later!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hair Fair 2008 Photo Contest

Hair Fair Flickr Group

Do you love hair? Show it in the Official Hair Fair 2008 Photo Contest on flickr! We're looking for pictures that show the range and fun of hair across the grid. We'll be picking 2 first prize winners, three second prize winners, and 5 third place winners to display at the Hair Fair throughout the whole event.

We at Hair Fair want to show the love and appreciation for the talented people that make us beautiful hair (both past and present), and in doing so we have created the Hair Fair Poster Contest. This contest is for you to show, in an homage style, a photo or photos that show your favorite hair styles and the way you love to wear them, what makes them your favorites and what it is about the designer and their work that generates that affection.

The Rules (there had to be rules, right?)
1. Be creative, but remember- we're looking for pictures that focus on the HAIR.
2. Feel free to enhance your shot in your photo editing program of choice, but don't add text or borders.
3. Keep your photos at 512 pixels by 512 pixels square.
4. Photos may only be entered once, and only the person entering the photo is eligible to win. The same photo may not be entered by more than one person.
5. Entrants are limited to 10 entries to the pool total.
6. In the description of each photo you enter, please include:
Your Second Life avatar name:
Hair Style Name and Store:
A description of why you love this hair/designer.
7. All photos must be entered by Midnight SLT on August 15th.
8. Winners will be announced at the Hair Fair.

You do not have to show hair that is made only be designers in hair fair this year. It could be past designers that have left Second Life, or designers just starting out, or even hair you or a friend made. Some examples of what we're looking for will be posted on the group pool

Finally, prizes will be announced at a later date.

These rules are not all inclusive, and as the Hair Fair committee we reserve the right to disqualify what we feel is not in keeping with the homage style of this contest. We reserve the right to edit, to reproduce, and re-use submitted images. By submitting to this poster pool, all entrants are agreeing to the conditions and permissions outlined within the rules.

Contact Laynie Link in world if you have any questions or would like a notecard on the rules and faqs

Other Hair Fair Committee Moderators of this group are
Sofia Gray , Washu Zebrastripe , Sasy Scarborough

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Damien Fate has gone out on limb, literally, to bring to the Second Life grid an interactive destination unlike any other.

On July 9, 2008, Second Life (tm) residents will be able to experience, first hand, the magic that is Loco Pocos Island. The island is built with a story in mind, and visitors are invited to search the island for pages from the unfortunate Captain B. Bonnik's journal. Each journal entry will piece together the history of Loco Pocos Island and will lead the visitor to secret locations where special tasks and rewards await. The centerpiece of the island is the mythical tree, Rokeden. With it's rich texturing, imaginative design and Fate's characteristic attention to detail, visitors to the sim will instantly become immersed in, and a part of, the fantasy that is the story of Loco Pocos Island.

Fate felt inspired to create Loco Pocos Island hoping to bring a unique experience to Second Life residents. "My dream was to create something new in SL, not with just a product, but a whole island experience. Something that is intuitive, bringing things to a whole new level and above all, bring everyone in SL together by removing all language barriers possible." Fate continued. "Sims can be so much more than just a store, avatars can be so much more than just prims."

Loco Pocos, which, loosely translated, means "crazy tinies", are the inhabitants of this magical island. Each sculpted avatar, equipped with a user-friendly HUD, is meticulously detailed and textured. The Loco Pocos are infinitely customizable via the HUD for maximum personalization. Each avatar is able to emote and gesture via the HUD and wearing any of the multiple Loco Pocos accessories automatically updates the HUD with the appropriate customization options for that item.

The HUD itself is designed to offer maximum ease-of-use. The graphic icons are easily recognizable and a users manual, translated into seven languages, has been provided for those who prefer text based instruction. Overall, though, each avatar and it's HUD was designed so that the end-user could visit the Island Store, purchase an avatar and begin exploring all of the island's adventures within minutes.

Prior to beginning the Loco Pocos project, Fate worked with the Electric Sheep Company, playing a major role in the development of such notable projects as Ben and Jerry's island, IBM Sentinel 2.0, and CSI:NY (tv shows and inworld game/machinima), independently developed a popular line of Final Fantasy avatars, and the mirada.smartHUD, an emotion HUD which, to date, has sold over 5,000 units.

Fate was joined in this endeavor by his partner and wife, Washu Zebrastripe. Zebrastripe is a beta lifetime member of Second Life and is the original creator of prim hair. Fate and Zebrastripe are also co-owners of the Hairspray Sim.

To kick off the Grand Opening of Loco Pocos Island, a massive scavenger hunt event will begin at Noon SLT on July 9, 2008. Visitors to the sim on this date will have the opportunity to win a unique avatar which will only be available during events at Loco Pocos Island.

For more information about Loco Pocos Island, please contact Damien Fate or Washu Zebrastripe or visit the Loco Pocos website. ( )

Photos are available from Damien Fate's Flickr Photostream ( ) and from the Loco Pocos Flickr Group page. ( )