Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Working from home and ADD

Keeping on track of everything is very hard for someone with ADD. Keeping on track of only *one* thing is hard for someone with ADD. Therefore I face the difficult challenge of trying to keep my life in order while working from home.
I often like to multitask, as it keeps me from getting too bored too fast with one thing, but Oops! I can often forget something or never finish it at all! However, I think I am getting better at keeping myself on task.
Regardless, I often feel inadequate compared to my peers. I push myself very hard every day, to the point of exhaustion. But I still strive to want to do better, and to be able to keep up with everyone around me.
Perhaps writing down my list, in public view, will help me keep on track. I would like to:
- Be dependable every day in my new position at work
- Create 1 new hair a week
- Somehow get Hairspray to have at least 25 visitors at a time, and not all in the freebie store
- Successfully manage the building aspects at Hair Fair
- Actively participate in the PiP build
- Finish the required schoolwork every day
- Get an A in every class
- Be involved actively in creating Loco Pocos
- Making and keeping Loco Pocos a success
- Create 1 blog post a week
- Learn a new language
- Understand LSL enough to create simple scripts
- Keep up on world and SL news
- Keep my house clean
- Get Koji some obedience traning
- Cook *some* meals for me and Damien
- Keep in touch with my family

Some of these of course are more difficult than others, and I'm sure there are many that I haven't thought of. Anyways, there it is. I need to keep this up, and become someone who I'm proud of. :)
Also, I need to keep my blog posts more on topic. ;P

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Dale Innis said...

Be glad to help with the learning enough of LSL to create simple scripts part. :) IM me inworld or send a notecard or Twitter me or something if you like...